Question about missing my connecting flight on purpose


Jun 5, 2019
I will be traveling from the Bahamas this summer back to Boston. The cost is 900.00 per ticket. I found a flight from the Bahamas to Toronto with an overnight layover in Boston for 300.00. Can I just miss the rest of my flight? What's really messed up is the flight is the same flight number.
As long as you're not planning to go back to the Bahamas or collect frequent flyer points... If you think you can buy a round trip and miss the connecting flight without having your return flights canceled, you'll be quite disappointed...
Eolesen can clarify, but I think it might raise red security flags if you "missed" a flight and then re-booked on the same flight number. Also, any connections at Boston will be promptly cancelled. It's Summertime and they needs the seat, boy.
We would be flying home to Boston so we would already had our vacation. This would be the flight home. I just can't get over how they would charge 950 for the direct flight and 350 for the layover flight. It's the same plane
Airlines only charge what people are willing to pay, give or take $10. Apparently, others *are* willing to pay $950 for Nassau to Boston.

It's not just airlines. Last week, I needed two new bearings for one of my trailer wheels... it was twice as expensive to buy the individual bearings as it was to buy a whole new assembly that had the bearings already installed...
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