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Feb 9, 2021
During scheduled landing descent at scheduled destination, a passenger had a medical emergency. I overheard FA say if it had happened a few minutes earlier, we would have had to fly around.
Maybe I misunderstood. Could a flight attendant or pilot please answer... is there a policy to abort schedule landing in this situation? Why delay getting on the ground to more help? TIA
Just guessing ((I've been retired for almost 3 years). There is an issue in medical emergencies on board. If flight lands while passenger still alive, it falls on the aiirport to do the reportingl. If patient dies before landing the airlines' responsibility. Problem gets messier depending upon local laws in the landing state/city, or country. Good luck on getting a straightforward answer. Issues such as did the f/as administer any "treatment", such as application of the AED, Define landing and so on and so forth.
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Thank you Jimntx for ur reply.

We were approx 4 to 5 mins from touching down at DEN.
Flight attendant asked for doctors on board, 3 got up to check the patient. No treatment done as we were soon on the ground. EMTs board plane.
We just thought it strange to hear if it had happened 5 mins earlier, they would not have landed as planned.
It's not conversation that the company would recommend be heard from employees in such situations. There are documented cases of passengers (wrongly) interpreting such comments as frivolous.

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