Question On Bereavement Fares


Jul 7, 2003
Unfortunately, I think I'm going to be buying some last-minute transatlantic tickets for some combination of me and/or my mother and/or my grandmother in the near future due to an impending death in the family. :(

I was wondering if US published bereavement fares to codeshare destinations. Specifically, I'll be looking to get to WAW from PHL, presumably via FRA or MUC, with the tatl segment on US and the conx on LH.

Also, anyone have an idea on what something like that would run? With it being the summer and everyone having crazy high load factors on their transatlantic flights, I know it's going to be very expensive and I hope to be able to find seats at all when I need them. A regular B fare looks to run about $1,800, but I'd hope the bereavement fares are cheaper.

Lastly, would a transatlantic bereavement fare be upgradable? I know that question seems petty and stupid, but it's not for me--my mother is deathly afraid of flying, and I'd like to be able to get her into Envoy, especially considering all she'll be going through. I have available either miles or my US1 systemwide upgrade certs. (And unfortunately, though I have enough miles to upgrade someone, I don't have enough right now for a premium transatlantic reward ticket, which is no doubt what I'd need in the summer, and that wouldn't get me all the way to WAW anyway.)

Sorry if I'm rambling a bit. Thanks guys.