Quit Screwing Around With Everything!!


OK, I do not wish to whine and complain, but throw me a bone here! The administrators of this board keep changing it as often as most people change underwear.
Last night the entire look of the board changed twice while I was using it!!
They actually came up with a very good looking version late last night, with a dark blue background, which is now gone.
They had also activated the Avitar feature, and I spent a good deal of time customizing mine, only to see it gone today. I guess somebody decides to provide it one minute, and then decides they don't want to offer that feature the next. Make up your minds!
Now I notice the date and time of each post has been moved from the header of that post down to the bottom, making it unnecessarily cumbersome to simply spot the last post you read on a thread so you know where to pick up and start reading new posts.
I also found the now-deleted windsock feature useful for quickly spotting those topics with new activity and ignoring the rest, rather than having to meticulously scroll through your myriad topics to see the last posting date.
I wish you guys would just settle on a format and stick with it instead of constantly changing things. There is a difference between changing and improving!
I've also noticed that for the past week or so, if you try to use the rich text format for your posts, it takes absolutely forever for the post page to finish loading -- literally a full 5 minutes on my dial-up modem. So you sit there and wait before you can even compose your post. Previously, it loaded almost as fast as the normal text option. That delay is surely time consuming for all of the airline employees at work who are posting here on company time! Think of all the money you would save the financially plagued airlines by fixing it so it loads fast like it used to! [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif'] [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif']
I think you guys do a terrific job and I love your message board. However, somebody is a little too giddy with all the toys available in your software, and needs to find a movie to watch or a book to read. Maybe they think its fun to try all this stuff and keep screwing around, but I can assure you, it is no fun for the people you serve who patronize this board. It is irritating to say the least.
If you want to play games (with us--your posters) why don't you post an experimental page somewhere else and provide a link. Maybe some of your posters will offer you feedback about it before you decide whether it's something you want to use. I would be happy to offer such feedback. And that way, it could be done without messing with the real message board.
Thanks for listening.
Marky[img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/8.gif']
PS -- BTW, after wasting a bunch of time waiting for the rich text page to load, it turns out there's no submit button to post your post with! There's only a save button and I have no idea what that does. Since there are no easy instructions for how to use some of your confusing features, you might want to follow the KISS philosophy about how you do things. To assume all the users are computer geeks who will have no trouble figuring things out, is WAY OFF BASE.


Aug 18, 2002
MrMarky, thanks for the comments.[BR][BR]We moved to a new server last night. This was posted in advance and we knew there would be some issues. Not much that you can do when you are sitting here all day waiting to see the 'software' fall into place. Like everything else it seems, nothing went 100% perfectly.[BR][BR]Anyways, our intention was never to change the forums, and we have not. We have done our best to keep them as close to the original style we laid out. The catch is, the actual software had to be reinstalled from scratch on the new server so we could not just throw everything back into place in one go. [BR][BR]The date is back, your wind socks are back and there is new text on the submit message button in the editor. Avatars... we have something special planned for that. I wish I could have done this yesterday but after 30 hours straight pulling everything together, you must understand, I needed some rest. That is why they are back in place today. Regarding the Rich Text Editor - I know, I am trying to figure that one out.[BR][BR]One thing to note. We do our best to bring our own flavor to the presentation of the site. There are reasons behind the new 'look' but our intention again, is to make the 'guts' look and feel the same. The problem lies in the software. Developers of products, such as this program that we use here, often make their software custimizable(sp? - too tired to look it up) however when people like us come along and modify items even more to give it 'our feel' - this often has to be done over again on each upgrade. [BR][BR]We appreciate the concern and everyone's support but because of the little support we get, we are limited on certain things and how quickly they can be completed. We do our best and I hope you can appreciate that. We have moved to an 'industry-leading' server that seems to be kicking out pages faster then ever and will prove to be even more stable as we continue to grow. 14 million hits per month is something quite fun to manage. Just think when we start to advertise.[BR][BR]We intend to be one of the best aviation resources on the net but please understand, some growing pains will be felt as we proceed towards that. I will be happy to say though, that now that we are here - you should not be too much more inconvenienced in the future.[BR][BR]Cheers.


Hi Kyle,[BR][BR]Thanks very much for your response. I did see your announcement about going to a new server, but I didn't realize that meant you'd have to reinstall the software and then recustomize it. [BR][BR]Everything makes more sense now, and I have a better appreciation for what you're dealing with.[BR][BR]Believe me I have a great appeciation for all the work you guys do and the great forum you have provided for us.[BR][BR]Thanks for your detailed reply, and yes I see the dates and windsock have reappeared and now I know why that took some doing.[BR][BR]Since the software customization offers so many options, etc, if you would be interested, I would be happy to volunteer to serve on a US Aviation Message Board Advisory Committee. Maybe you guys could use a few of us for feedback about things you're thinking of doing. Who better to offer you their thoughts than a group composed of users of this board?[BR][BR]Thanks again and take care,[BR][BR]Marky