RIP, Jan Crandall


Jul 23, 2003
Just saw this in PlaneBusiness of all places....

Jan Crandall, wife of long-time American CEO Bob Crandall, passed away on Nov. 14. She was 86 years of age. I first heard of her passing from a post by Doug Parker on Instagram. I had just seen Bob at the dedication ceremony for the American Airlines headquarters complex here in DFW last month. It is now, officially, the Robert L. Crandall campus.

Jan had battled many health issues over the last several years, and I know most of us did not expect to see her at the event. But she was there. Along with a large contingent of Crandall family members including children and grandchildren. There was a very touching moment during Bob's speech that day when he talked about when they first met in high school. He had trouble finishing his sentence. Bob and Jan were married for 64 years.

Jan had been suffering from pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer's and COPD.

I never met Mrs. Crandall personally, but did see her several times at DFW as well as the day Bob retired. Godspeed to Jan, and condolences to Bob for losing the love of his life.