Sad New for National Airlines Employees


Aug 22, 2002
Operations cease November 6, 2002. Something for U employees to ponder:
As my father used to say....Prepare for the worst and you will prevail.
[P][FONT face=Times New Roman]Love how they tiptoe around the refund policy..i.e. the company won't refund, you must go through the cred card whats the diff.? The refund money comes from the same source,doesn't it? Or does some magic fairy that isn't NATIONAL AIR supply the refund monies?[/FONT][/P]
[P][FONT face=Times New Roman]How is it different that Midway refunded directly thru MIDWAY?[/FONT][/P]
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When you demand the refund through the CC company, it gets sent back to the merchant with a penalty attached (in some cases). The reason they want you to do it this is is because National will no longer employee anyone to handle your refund requests. This puts the job in the CC company's hands and you at least get your money back -- but they have to fight the airline to get their money back. Chapter 7 is so