Should a "lean and $$ mean" DL, now fear UAL's Tilton ?

Aug 20, 2002
As I saluted DL, on a fine job of negotiating the (many)BK-11 Land Mines, could their expected success ($$$) come at a price ?

Specifically "Merger Mania Minded" Glenn Tilton(UAL)

It's quite possible that DL will become a healthy "stand alone" carrier. THAT mere prospect could be sending Tilton into "RED ALERT". Meaning that it's one thing to realize that no matter what UAL/Tilton might want to due via a merger/acquisition, that AA would most likely "stand alone", BUT what if it "appears" to Tilton that their may be 2 "stand alone carriers"

I submit to you, that THAT could force Tiltons hand, EVEN faster than he may want to play it.

I think it's VERY possible that Tilton(realizing that UAL is not in Great shape as a "stand alone") will make a Move on say CO !

Under that scenario, what would DL do ?
Under that scenario, I doubt if NW would "stand pat", making the guessing game...even "juicier"

Your thoughts.


If the Comair rumors become true....(bye-bye Comair from DL = bye-bye CVG), that becomes VERY VERY interesting !!


My apologies to the Jet Blue board. I meant to post this on the DL board.

Could you please "move" this new topic to the DL board.
I would do it myself, except I don't want to double post.




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