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Aug 20, 2002
For those who don't want the have that freedom, but please stay away from other people. I know this is anecdotal, but it came from my kid, who was working their last week. She said it was a sad week. Two women, one 22 and the other 27 both were pregnant and had covid. They gave birth and then were immediately moved to ICU. They didn't get to see or hold their baby. They both died. A 28 year old man with a 7 month old at home also had Covid and died. My kid had the opportunity to see the lung of the 22 year old who died. She said it was covered in large black spots. The woman never smoked, the the docs told her that it looked worse than a smokers lungs. So enjoy the freedom on not getting vaccinated and not wearing a mask. But just remember that with all your "Fauci is a fraud" might just take a kids parent away.,
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