Southwest Airlines dispatchers win raises, bonus plans under new contract

Not retro. I don't see that happening.
The company has already offered a signing bonus in lieu of retro.
I expect we will accept that as long as the price is right although most agree that retro is preferred to keep pushing up base rates. Everything is tied to base rates and the longer we go without an increase in them, the more the company saves.
It is all negotiable and we are still at the table.
I already posted our history of raises.
You call them huge?
Just because we haven't gone backwards on pay rates, like the other airlines, doesn't mean our steady (just above cost of living) raises, have been huge.
there are a couple of 10% or close to it raises, so that is indeed huge.

and if retro is not on the table, then WN has every incentive to drag the process out as long as it can. You can hope for bonuses but if the company is willing to pay that amount, they would do it now.

They are dragging out negotiations because they don't want to create the expectations among any of the large labor groups that they will pay anything of any significance.