Southwest Has 28% Of Employees Take Leaves Or Exit


Oct 23, 2010
Now this is fantastic news. Did not think we would get this high of a %, was thinking more like just over 20%, in hopes of closer to 25%. 28% is very, very encouraging. I do remember one quote from our CEO stating he needed close to 30% as the company was shrinking about the same. I pray this 28% is enough to avoid any furloughs. If he still wants that 2%, don't forget, some could still take the month to month leave to help hit that marker. He said they would look at the month to month on an as needed basis.
Thanks to all the employees who were able to file for the VSP. Also, big thanks to all who have opted for the 6-12-18 month leaves. This will surely save some of our employees from involuntary furloughs and layoffs and hopefully all and no one will get involuntarily leaves. Please GK, keep Southwest's impeccable record of no layoffs in history. This is a huge selling factor to draw in applicants to Southwest.
Although the timeframe doesn't stop until tomorrow the 22nd for the option to opt out, I don't foresee it would change much at all, if at all.
Company is extremely happy at the participation. I cannot post the letter from GK, but the article does a pretty good job on what he did say.,000.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO&yptr=yahoo
Looks like Southwest has started call backs with their Pilots. Recalling 209 on leave for a return date of June 1st.
Heard nothing for the F/A's so far and nothing for the mechanic and related so far.
If I get the full details I will share...
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