Speed Pattern


Aug 28, 2018
Welcome aboard. There are various reasons why they do that and its fairly common if not normal. There are certain airports whereas shortly after takeoff the crew will throttle back engine power due to restrictions. SNA. CLT are 2 of them
A pilot could provide a better answer but I'm gonna take a shot and go with what's called flow control. Some airports require a flight to land at a specific time, a flight that is ahead or behind schedule could explain fluctuations in airspeed.
You are assuming the data is correct.
876 mph ?
Good question! It does seem quite high .... but that's what I captured from the graph on Flightaware (Please see link i the original thread)

But you are right based on google search that's about 762 knots which for B737 is very high:)
Erroneous data on Flightaware. It should be a straight line instead of the peak and valley