State Department upheaval follows Benghazi report !


Jan 22, 2008
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"Hillary isn’t stepping down and won’t testify under oath or take responsibility. She’s eyeballing 2016."
I'm sure this will be brought up, when she runs !

"The panel’s classified report identified officials in the State Department’s Bureau for Diplomatic Security, whose performance reflected a “lack of proactive leadership,” and complained that the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs had displayed a “lack of ownership of Benghazi’s security issues.”

"The report confirmed that contrary to initial accounts, there was no protest outside the consulate and said responsibility for the incident rested entirely with the terrorists who attacked the mission.
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"Clinton was to have appeared at Thursday's hearing but canceled after fainting and sustaining a concussion last week while recovering from a stomach virus that dehydrated her.
She is under doctors' orders to rest."

How convenient !
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