Stupid (International) Pilot Tricks

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Aug 31, 2002
The spouse just told me about a radio message that went out over the flight-to-flight frequency across the pond stating that United Airlines had declared bankruptcy today (Sunday). He said the UAL pilots were in a frenzy trying to confirm if it was true. The hoax crew stated it was on BBC. One of the UAL crews called their dispatch, which told them it was a prank. Nobody knows what airline crew started it, but it''s totally tacky. The last thing anyone needs is that kind of stress while flying. Dumb.
Anyone know if Chip has been flying over the pond lately?
Why would Chip fly International? He can't be a Captain. Somehow, I feel, Chip would commute to Timbuktu to keep that fourth tiger stripe. Then again, he might just have to do that someday.
On 11/24/2002 7:29:15 PM 767jetz wrote:

Anyone know if Chip has been flying over the pond lately? [img src='']

If it was Chip, the story would be something like UAL selling the Pacific division (aircraft SFO and LAX ops)and the LHR routes to US [img src='']
There is No-way it was Chip!! The comments were lacking the Signature Phrases of There's reason to believe...or Unique or Intersting Transactions of any discription.

You folks better stick to the airline business..You would starve to death as investigators!!! (LOL)
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