Super Bowl:


May 27, 2016
Congratulations K.C.!........ Chief's win it coming from behind!....... Unbelievable!
Republicans Senators drop a super load In their pants to keep Trump from tweeting about them.

Oh wait, you were talking about a football game.
Hey Dog!
The fireworks are still going off around here. I have a few more gray hairs, but they were behind against Houston and came back. They were behind against Tennessee and came back. So when they were behind against the 49er's, a lot of us were thinking "We've got them right where we want them". But kudos to both teams. It was a classy game with 2 classy teams.
Hey K.C. I see Trump congratulated the Chief's win and the great State of Kansas, but had to correct that to Missouri...... Which is it?
It's actually both. There is a Kansas City, Kansas and a Kansas City, Missouri. The "big" Kansas City is on the Missouri side of the state line. The Chiefs and Royals play in Missouri, and the airport is in Missouri. Look at I70 by the Missour River and you'll see the state line. I live on the Kansas side, about a mile from the state line. So my bicycle rides are usually in 2 states.

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