SWA and Pilots getting closer to a deal soon?


Apr 26, 2005
We shall see. Maybe an announcement prior to Christmas? Would be nice. Not hearing anything from the SWAPA camp as of yet. Time will tell...

No one cares about low cost carriers. Get real, most of your younger pilot group has left to the big 3. stop kidding yourself.
A low cost company like SW doesn't even pay for pilot uniforms, or parking. short term disability and other crap, all in all your pilot group is the lowest paid when all cumulative benefits added to the scope of the package. Expect the new pilot contract to be in lower tiers than spirit.

The same can be said for your amfa group. Getting paid 1$ more than major carriers and outsourcing work and expecting to do 2x more times the work when compared to the big 3. Sounds like industry leading "my ass." You basically just cheated your mechanics in pay and outsource all their work. What a loser.

Add insult to injury got a fake ass company propaganda tool like you representing your mechanics is despicable. They need to go back to the good old days, where they can take piles of shi! and bash their face in the streets.

Sounds like the reality of a low cost now a days, I wouldn't expect much, just move on to a major.

Source: SWA pilots podcast.

I back my shi! up with facts, unlike the fake company tool "SWAMECH"

All other unions should start a war on AMFA and go to congress make sure we shut that communist union down. Use our congressional influence in d.c. to shut this loser down.
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Looks like our Pilots have an AIP. Now we will see if they like it or vote it down like our F/A's did on their T/A.

Swampy news never fails

You must have found this information on Yahoo because it’s not popping up on my AOL account. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to add another music video to my MySpace profile.
Swampy, you need to go back to work, get back under managements desk and start slurping.

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That was nice of the mechanics to take the first deal offered to them. Left plenty of money for the pilots like I said before. Thanks amfa!
AMFA's motto......Vote yes for less!!!
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Done deal for our Pilots as they just ratified the contract.

Done deal for our Pilots as they just ratified the contract.

Thank you. How can we get by without the information you post from Yahoo News. 🙄