F/A's and SWA reach T/A

SharoninSAT said:
Finally some progress… hope it's a good one!
I do to Sharon. I was told by some F/A's at our IP that they like it so far and they think it will pass, but we will see...
You will have to ask a F/A. Although we have some of the details we do not have the nuts and bolts of it. Not sure exactly what the differences are, maybe someone will fill us in.
Found it a little interesting how the TWU is handling the vote for the F/A's. The Pilots and mechanics unions always gives an entire month for a contract membership vote. I find it a little odd that the TWU only gives 2 weeks for almost 15,000 members to receive the info, have road shows and informational meetings explaining the new contract changes, and of coarse to actually participate in voting on the contract. The F/A's are provided from this past Sunday Oct. 16th until Oct. 31st. Why such a short time period? Why not an entire month like the Pilots and Mechanics do? The Pilots started in the first week of Oct. and are set to reveal the results in the first week of Nov. the 7th or 8th I believe.
With all that said and I will provide the link below, I must ask, is this the norm for the TWU to only allow 2 weeks instead of the norm for other groups to allow for 4 weeks? The largest group at 15K, allows the lowest amount of time to vote. Pilots with 8500 plus and mechanics with 2500 plus always allow 4 weeks for new contract votes.

Southwest Airlines flight attendants start voting on tentative agreement
Well, the results are in. F/A's ratify contract with only 53% approving. Like the rampers, that leaves about 1/2 of the F/A's not happy. Some say this is what a company wants, you know, the minimums to get a contract, but now you have 2-3 groups with half the members not happy. Congrats to the F/A's for a new contract this year. Still hoping us mechanics will get something to vote on sometime this year as well, but not expecting anything from the company until next year, maybe by mid to late summer. We are the last group IF the pilots pass their contract offer.

Southwest flight attendants ratify contract
Any company with a unionized workforce sets their goal at 50% +1 to approve a contract. From what I hear WN might have been the exception in the past but has certainly fallen in line with those opposed to one of Herb's legendary quotes, "Your employees come first. And if you treat your employees right, guess what?"