SWA now getting involved with slot (s) possibilities

Again who will be the biggest at dca? The new aa thats who. Just bec DL wont get any slots does not mean that aa will be doomed at the end of the day
I didn't say doomed... I did say that AA will face competitive challenges in key markets where they (including US) have had little competition, particularly from low cost carriers.

Shifting significant amounts of capacity to low fare carriers at DCA and adding capacity at DAL and to/from Latin America will have an effect on AA.

To believe otherwise is to deny 35 years of history since the US domestic airline industry was deregulated.
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Well the way your posts are written makes it out to the way aa is doomed bec theyre facing challenges but dp is a nbrs type man and I do think the new aa will fight but its gonna be very interesting to see how it all plays out. If as he has said dca is the highest profit margin for the us... then I can only think that he will go to great lengths to protect and may be build on it
Well it looks like all bids are in for the Reagan National slots up for bids.  16 slots that JB currently leases from AA will be offered to them first.  The rest will be part of the bidding process.  The DOJ has stated;  "the slot and gate sales would give low cost competitors better access to some of the busiest airports."   It appears, at a glance, that they are still sticking with LCC's for the bidding process for the gates and slots, at least at Reagan National.  Not sure about the other 5 or 6 airports with just a couple gates here and there.   Some are suggesting we will know by this week some time.   Hope we get more good news this week, stay tuned for more...
WorldTraveler said:
The reason is that, even though you think the DOJ made its decision in a vacuum, they interviewed lots of airline execs including AA’s competitors as part of the investigation. That is precisely why AA wanted to see the list of interviewees but was denied.
I believe the DOJ served up a big dose of misjustice by denying the AA/US request....The woodpile was breached....
Nothing yet, but I would be shocked if we get them.  It would be great, but, maybe SW is pulling some home town HQ strings to get it done, I sure hope so...
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WN's own exec said there has not been a procedure created to obtain the airport GATES or any other gate issues that might exist after Oct 13, 2014 at DAL. DAL does not have slots.

I'm not sure the basis swamt is using in saying that he doesn't expect to get the additional gates, but I expect he is right.
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I assure you that if SWA does get the 2 gates at Love, they will not lease them to DAL, we would use them for the up coming W/A repeal in Oct.  And if you didn't know, there are 2 other gates at Love to be used by other airlines.  I would still be surprised if we get them, however, I don't think there is another LCC out there that would want to come in and go head to head with SWA.  Unless they came in and flew to cities not served by SWA.  SWA really needs the gates bad, so not sure what they are willing to do to get them.  Herb has told the city of Dallas that he could up root and move the headquarters, training dept, entire maint dept, as well as other work groups spread out thru the Dallas area in all kinds of buildings around Love Field,  to San Antonio or Houston in a heart beat if he has to.   I am not saying SWA is doing such a thing, but, they do have a lot of pull at Love Field.   Hoping we get the 2 gates AA has to divest...
On a side note as far as Delta is concerned, and these 2 gates we are talking about.  Delta is not a LCC.  And I am still not 100% certain if the LCC requirement is also included for the 5 other airports that AA has to divest gates at.  I do know it was a requirement for the 2 airports already divested at (although we still don't know the 3rd winner of the divested slots at DCA)  I really do believe it does spread to those airports as well, as it was said from the get go that all divested assets will go to LCC's.  I took that as, yes it does include the Love Field gates as well...
spare us the threat, Herb. Federal airports have to meet federal usage guidelines. What you tell the city of Dallas matters not one hoot. We could pull federal funding for DAL and let LUV foot the bill for the whole airport and then they can let us know how interested they are in it at that point.

Take your headquarters and move it to Mexico if you think you can get a better deal there.

The whole problem with the LCC argument regarding gates is that WN IS an LCC. To argue that WN should get more gates at DAL because it is an LCC (which isn't even true when looking at DAL vs DFW average fares in markets that WN does fly) when DAL already has laid claim to 80% of the gates is something that won't be permitted.

Perhaps a few other LFCS will show up and decide they want a piece of DAL and force a competitive bid with DL for the gates, but the notion that WN will gain gates over any other carrier who has interest and cannot be accommodated is beyond reality.

The most likely scenario is that UA won't come close to using the gates it has and no other LFC will show up to take on WN because they will find it easier to compete against AA at DFW and DL and WN will both get what they want.

For now, no one seems to want to force the issue - but there remains no evidence whatsoever that any carrier other than DL is interested in DAL gates.
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