The most important reason why fleet service should vote no is


Aug 20, 2002
The Page 100 letter of agreement withdrawal.
A simple 2 sentence paragraph titled, "returns" is the "foundation for destruction" of the scope that protects thousands of employees in fleet.
We aren't talking about freight jobs or catering jobs, we are talking about the bread and where YOU work US AIRWAYS aircraft AT the gate!!!
Right now your scope includes working every jet at US AIRWAYS or "wholly owns" that have 69 seats or more. With this new proposal that isn't happening.
Here's the Givens: Your company is downsizing its jet fleet while at the same time it established an AMR services type "wholly owned" carrier [MDA], capable of flying RJ's [we call them LJ's] with seat configurations of 70-90 seats. These jets can routinely be used on flights of 2,000 miles. Dave Seigel has said future growth at US AIRWAYS is in regional jets.
With the withdrawal of "Page 100" in your collective bargaining agreement///it won't matter if you are making $25 and change or $19 because if you Don't have the work then what would make you think you got the job?
Do you people understand what you are voting on?
Because they are giving us nothing to entice us to vote yes. Sure they say the iam can have a seat on the bod. That just puts money in the iam's pockets, it does nothing for our workforce. When you negotiate it's supposed to be give and take. The company and the iam are just taking. They say we will have to take a cut in pay, I didn't hear anything about taking a cut in union dues. They say we will have to take a cut in vacation, I didn't hear anything about getting our unlimited swaps back. Give us our unlimited swaps back and you can have a weeks vacation, we will still be able to take time off, and at no cost to the company. There is also no language stating that in the event of furloughs (and there will be some) that it will be by date of hire seniority, thereby putting the most junior employees on the street instead of senior employees. That is how it is at United and it's the same iam union. Why is it so different at USAir? Without a stipulation giving us hire date seniority, I'm voting no. I have nothing else to lose. I'll be out of the door on the next furlough, while agents junior to me will still be working. I say let's take it to the judge.
The IAM is loving this. First, the company is going to give them $1,000,000.00 up to $1,250,000.00 to reimburse the IAM for costs incuurred durring the negotiations. Second, the FSA agents are going into the IAM pension, again more money for the union. Also, look at the 141M proposal. The IAM has taken more from the FSA in order to give the Mechanics and related a better deal. So where is the IAM, I don't know but I can tell you they are NOT looking after the best interests of the FSA's.
Two days ago we were given copies of the companies proposal. We all read it and made our personal assessments of it. It was basically agents with 25 years plus saying yes, and under 25 years saying no. To each his own. After reading one of the posts here, I needed to compare what was said in the post, to what I had read in the proposal my shop steward gave me. Luckily I had left the companies proposal at work, and had to look it up on the iam website. When I looked it up (and I read it from top to bottom) I noticed that the proposal that I was given at work left out a lot of things. On the iam's website the proposal has a lot of attachments at the bottom of it that were not on what I received at work. Which after reading the attachments, I realized that at work they only gave us enough information about the proposal to trick us into voting it in. I will post the link to the proposal that is on the iam website. I suggest that each and everyone of you read it in its entirety. Especially the attachments at the end of it. For some strange reason the iam website won't let me drag and drop the link. Just type in,
And then click on the link that says (usairways fleet service restructuring proposal).

It is a long read, but it is worth the time to read what they are actually asking of us in the attachments at the bottom. I found attachments E, F, G, L,& M quite disturbing.
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The ramp has never stood for anything has it?
I have heard that all the ramp does is complain but when it is time to make a decision they crawl into the fetus position and cry "Ma..Ma".

PIT will be toast and PIT knows that but their failure of leadership won't serve them well enough to overcome a No vote.

PHL won't look like PHL...this time, tons of workers will be looking to PHL (not by choice) in the displacement, leaving many in PHL on the streets. CLT may be better off if there is such a thing.
BOS, LGA, DCA will have the shuttle replaced with the new RJ's and with the page 100 letter it could eliminate the BOS rampers off the map.
Just in the interests of comparison, fleet svc. with mech:

Fleet - 8% paycut
mech - 6.8%

fleet - raises begin in 2005
mech - raises begin in 2004

fleet - loses 3 sick days
mech - loses 2 sick days

fleet - diminished pension plan
mech - improved pension plan

it's got to be said - fleet has been and always will be the step child.
The whole thing is distirbing. I say take the chances with the judge and expect the worst which is what we are voting on. Dave's dream world NOT! Take into consideration all of which we have given then come back to us! We are not breaking this company we all know it he knows it.Heck Ray Charles can see it! The IAM just wants the 1.2 mil, our dues and the heck with it. Please read and make an informed vote not a scared vote. Good luck to all![8)]
Why is the company going to pay to the iam 1.2 million for negotiating concessions for us? We already pay them to do that. It's called union dues. If the iam accepts any money from the company, that is double dipping. A better term would be collusion, or a conflict of interests. I bet the bankruptcy judge can't wait to get a hold of this case.

Why is the company going to pay 6 million in bonuses? In any workplace, other than USAir, bonuses are paid when profits are made. We haven't profited, we've lost billions. No profits, no bonuses. Whomever is getting these bonuses hasn't loaded a plane, served a soda, cleaned a biffy, sold a ticket, changed a brake, or guided a plane through fog. What are these bonuses being given for in a time of heavy losses? Are they being given for denying comp days? Or forcing us to work short, and then mandatorying who's left? I think that someone should definately receive a bonus for stressing out the workforce. I rest my case.

Let's just put it in the hands of Judge Judy, she'll straighten things out. Here comes the judge! Here comes the judge![;)]
If fleet is that unhappy with the IAM, heck the mechs don't seem too happy with them, either... why not get rid of them? I haven't done any research into the hows of it, so don't have a clue to what is involved, but there's got to be a way to toss them off the premises. Didn't y'all do that with the Teamsters at one point? (or am I thinking of another airline?)
Hi Meriel,

Because that's jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. If you decertify your union, it will take a minimum of one and more likely three years to get a new one onboard. Who wants to be exposed to the tender mercies of management that long? Besides, we went down that path when the Teamster's were decertified in the early 90's, and paid dearly for it.

Theoretically, another union could 'poach' (this to maintain the member's status quo protections during the handover) but it's 'not done'. If an ageing memory serves, AFL-CIO affiliated unions have agreed not to do this.

We would have been far better off for fleet and customer service agents to have remained united, and stayed out of the mechanics' union. I think most of them would agree. However, it is what it is, and we will now live with it.

"He chose---pooorrrly!"
Please all make an informed vote. Read it like it is your paycheck. This will only hurt us in the long run. A quick fix never works. The best of luck to us all we will need it! VOTING NO![:knockout:] [:blackeye:] [:knockout:] [:((] This is aa sad day for me I have lost faith in my company, they are not looking out for all employees best intrest.Hopeing for the best expecting the worst!!![:knockout:] By the way did anyone else get the letter from the IAM today? What hogwash that is !!!![:blackeye:]
On 8/24/2002 9:48:56 PM

If you decertify your union, it will take a minimum of one and more likely three years to get a new one onboard. Who wants to be exposed to the tender mercies of management that long? Besides, we went down that path when the Teamster's were decertified in the early 90's, and paid dearly for it.

"He chose---pooorrrly!"

Thanks for the answer Diogenes. I didn't realize there was that kind of time between decertifying and getting another union in. It does sound like rampers and stuck pretty badly [:((] Best of luck on the vote to our fellow employees.
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This isn't about your union but rather about fleet service standing up against an inequitable situation. Fleet service has, to this day, not demanded respect even though it remains the backbone of this company.
Fleet service has 2 choices, it can keep complaining even as it knows it is getting $crewed, or fleet service can finally stand up for itself.
Nobody, including the union, is going to stand up for fleet service until fleet service stands up first. Fleet service must take responsibility for itself and stop blaming others.

When that happens, I for one believe fleet service will get the respect it needs for an equitable solution.
Respect??? Don't make me laugh. You people don't have a clue what's going on here. USAirways has one foot in the grave and you talk about respect??? What about "survival", what about "live to fight another day"? I lost respect when I stood in the crew room and watched a fleet service guy throw my flight bag across the ramp so he could lean on the belt loader and talk to his buddy who was sitting in the cargo compartment and when fleet service workers REFUSED to hand me a stroller for a lady with a baby and another small child who were standing on a sweltering jetway waiting for it. You clean up YOUR act and show some genuine loyalty for this company and the then we'll talk about respect! B.T.W., ALPA, AFA and TWU stepped up to the plate when this company begged for our help...where the heck are you???