Things to think about before you vote!

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No matter how you vote, remember this!
Look like you two have the scab and Russian puppet votes locked up.
Well Wonder Mutt, lets see if your able to answer the question your idiot friend was so in capable of. Maybe your just like him/her and don’t think before you vote either. That muscle memory just makes you hit the idiot Democrat button. What policies has Trump enacted that has negatively affected your life?

Also in the event you didn’t know, the Trump/Russian fake news collusion thing- is dead. Just as dead as the Ford accuser and just as dead as the fake bombs. Now since your so hell bent on Russian collusion why don’t you take a hard look at the Obama/Clinton nuclear deal along with the Clinton Foundation.
Isn't all about me, it is about my country and all the people living here. Keep on looking out for yourself
Once again ignorance speaks. Though this 21% corporate tax rate affects me, it also affects millions for the better. Now since you are so generous who has his policies negatively affected?
Florida is in two different time zones with the west side leaning more conservative. It’s still close enough not to be an issue, we'll see.
Is it true, or is it not, that in the "Peoples Republic of California" they want to let illegals vote in local elections? That my friend is just the first step in letting them vote in national elections. They already are giving them drivers licenses, and the DMV will automatically register them.

Well, first of all it was never brought (IIRC) up for a vote.
If it did, I would have never agreed to this insanity.
That being said, why ask me?
I knew that the 'powers that be' made a decision to allow licenses for undocumented folks with the argument that they need a license to get insurance and they drive anyway.
Yea, it's that stupid on many levels.
How did they buy a car without a license and insurance?
It is beyond logic.

Just because I live here in KommieFornia, don't blame me for the insanity.
Tell your lil scab buttie the news,
Do you homos share memes...:eek:
You may stop soon.
Stop why? You’re like the idiot of idiots when it comes to hearing liberals speak. After listening to Liz Warren and Maxi Waters who would have thought that possible? You sound like the media with their constant collusion and racist remarks with no evidence at all. Matter of fact all the evidence is to the contrary. So “you may stop soon”.