Before you vote, read this...


Sep 11, 2002
Lakeguy said:
513 we do not have the company by the short hairs, it is the other way around, heavy maintenance and shops will be farmed out, utility work will be done by fleet service and only a few stock clerks will be needed.
US has 279 A/C 4,200 mechanics,
WN has almost 400 A/C and only 1,200 mechanics.
Do the math, you need to come back to reality, the company will win either way, you can live to fight another day or you can commit suicide.
By the way if this contract goes thru, and it will be so horrible, will you quit?
US10 Says: Good things to keep in mind before voting...
Get Rendell to request federal grants for it after he is elected Governor of Penna. He is good friends with Daschle...the only problem with that is Daschle's wife is a lobbyist for AA...BUT good news is Sen. Specter - SPECTER! (sorry, his name just lends itself to be announced) - has some good clout in DC and is a BIG US Air supporter...So, let me tell you the combination of Rendell and Specter is a strong one in favor of US...When do you need that hangar by?
I believe thats the plan wheather we vote yes or no for Pittsburgh once they get rid of all the 737s.
We don't have tall enough hangers to do maintenance on anything larger than a A319.
Unless they build a new hanger for us we are screwed.