f/a court date, 4/30

I may give our AA flight Attendants and Pilots a hard time but in the end it is them and management that will pull this Airline out of the bottoms...And No TWA ex employee will bash them. Get over your self and your old TWA carreer you have been spared for two years now buhhhh byeeeee
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On 4/29/2003 10:02:52 AM FYI wrote:

On 4/28/2003 10:32:12 PM FA Mikey wrote:

The Federal Judge will hear about the voting problems, the interference, irregularities, lack of security among other things. Will then decide whether or not to let stand the yes vote, or declare it the original no vote.


The court date has been changed to June 16th. The complexity of the case warrants a later rather than sooner court date. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the information. I hadn''t heard of the change of date.
On 4/28/2003 11:07:57 PM Airline Crew Sched wrote:

It is a conversation meant to bring down morale....


Yea, lets talk about somthing that will bring up morale, like THE PAYCUTS AND BENIFITS WE LOST!
Let''s face it we''re all heading for BK anyway. The contracts will be thrown out.

As a cost cutting measure the court my decide to stay Kasher''s order as a way to simplify the archaic TWU seniority system. I''m sure at that juncture the TWA Pilots and F/As will chime in again.

Better chance of peace in the Mid-east, than at AA.

Carty was our last hope. The BOD''s in charge now, Arpey''s only a figure-head, the BOD''s rubber-stamp.

No bright side here either, with UAL still in the game ( labor contracts ratified today ),JBLU and LUV expanding, they''ll be back for more blood later.
>>if it were not for lawsuits f/a cooper would not know what to do with herself....face it cooper TWA is gone it is not in the history books move on hun it will feel better than to fight a losing battle

No, Sherry WOULD know what to do: she''d be flying her line!

She''s doing her *APFA* job which is to represent the F/A''s in the STL/SLT base to the best of her ability and to the limits granted by law. She is seeking relief for what has been done by AMR and APFA...she''s doing *her* job...you do yours.
My roommate, his girlfriend, and I were all denied our rights to vote on the F/A contract. The firm handling the vote refused to send me my password even though I called them 3 times and 1 week before the vote. Each time they said they would e-mail me. I have the phone records to prove it. I was in NY my password was sent to FL. My roommate and his girlfriend could not get through the phone lines. What are the odds of 3 people in one house being denied their rights. There has to be a lot of others out there. This suit does have merit. You wonder why APFA wouldnt allow us to vote on this ridicules contract when they admitted they had to. It looks like our airline contracts got railroaded.

Its time for new leaders at APFA.


Don''t reply to anyone, AA or TWA about the ability to get a pin for the vote. Respond only to the APFA directly, they are compilling the information as we speak. These people from TWA are trying to use the information for other purposes.
This sort of reminds me of the fox guarding the henhouse.

First, the APFA goes along with a flawed process and denies it members the right to change their votes after they actually learn the details of the concessions.

Then, when the TA is defeated, and the results are announced, the vote reopens. Despite numerous reports, beginning just after the announcement of the vote extension, of the company putting undue pressure on union members to vote "yes" by having supervisors meet flights to remind crew members of the pitfalls of bankruptcy, by having pilots and agents spew the same message to working crew members, by having hotels place "yes" vote propaganda under the doors of layover hotels and by threatening to remove from trips anyone who openly possessed any literature that supported the opposing view, the union did not register a complaint until two hours before the polls close for the second time after being sternly reminded to do so by an outcast member of the BOD.

Then, the BOD passes a resolution to vote again, using the only voting process approved by the union' governing rules, justifying that action by pointing to irregularities and massive company interference which tainted the results of the telephonic vote.

Somehow, two days later, the BOD reverses itself and cancels the revote, without explaining how all of a sudden the problems which were given as the reason for the revote were rectified and what caused the extended vote to become legitimate after all.

Do you really expect the board members who took away the right of the members to vote on this critical issue to do anything other than protecting their own interests from serious allegations of misconduct?

They are trying to sweep the issue under the rug. Pure and simple.
We have a doozie of a situation here granted..but on the line and on the net I read and hear such out cry from a worforced scorned...but 2/3 of these F/As dont know what they are so rattled about. 2 out of 3 dont even know the phone number to the APFA hotline-or know exactly WHO comprised the neg. cmte...and the APFA constitution..
Not only is there anger out there but there is a ton of ignorance..get the facts first.it may not be as easy to do as jumping on the band wagon...but know what you are angry about....please
AA D2 TW SP - As I joked before on this board, only Tarq Aziz, Iragi Information Minister, furloughed in Bagdad, could explain APFA''s logic and conclusions in the voting process.
>>Don''t reply to anyone, AA or TWA about the ability to get a pin for the vote. Respond only to the APFA directly, they are compilling the information as we speak.

Isn''t that like asking Nero to be fire-chief of Rome?

>>These people

"These people?" Yeah, MIA is the step-child of AMR...I''m believing that...

>>from TWA are trying to use the information for other purposes.

Say it. Go ahead...say it. We all know what you''re hinting at: The LAWSUIT. THE LAWSUIT TO SEEK RELIEF FROM THE ACTIONS THAT APFA PASSES OFF AS "REPRESENTATION!"

Say what you want...but be clear about that which you say. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Sure, only give APFA the details of your voting troubles? NOT!! They are just going to sit on it like everything else! I would expect by now something to hatch from them "nesting" so much. This lawsuit, by Sherry, needs this exact type of voting fraud information to win the case. This case is separate from our seniority lawsuit with the IAM. There is no hidden agenda! It''s about the ENTIRE APFA membership having a FAIR vote. Please consider e-mailing me #9 at [email protected]