Trump refuses to assist U.S. airlines in dispute with Qatar Airways


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX

Qatar Airways has not only started several additional routes from Italy to the U.S. under cover of Air Italy in which Qatar owns a small interest.

Main dispute is still that Qatar is subsidized by the Qatar government; so, unlike U.S. airlines it can afford to fly half empty AB380's around the world.

Trump not only refused help, he invited the head of Qatar Airways to the meeting between U.S. airline executives and Trump. The meeting was supposed to be confidential and private. Wonder what part of MAGA this represents.
What goes around comes around....

It’s no secret that executive leadership at US airlines leans heavily to the left.

Don’t forget that both American and United made a big deal about not transporting illegal immigration detainees (don’t remember if Delta got caught up in that or not). All three airlines blamed Trump for the TSA and ATC sick outs during the shutdown, United just hired Obama’s former press secretary Josh Earnest as a VP and Doug Parker dissed a meeting with Trump in 2017.

With all that love and respect that they have shown towards the White House, is it any shock that Trump and Chao might not be willing to take a side here?

I have argued for many years that corporations should keep their politics private. It’s situations exactly like this where corporate activism bites you in the ass.

Southwest and their historically “passionately neutral” stance is a far more prudent approach to take when it comes to politics…
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