Trump wants US military to secure border


The era of the "angry white guy" is coming to an end, and these guys don't like it.

I kinda think they just got a new cheerleader.


The era of the "angry white guy" is coming to an end, and these guys don't like it.
I guess love won in 2016 as always, would be great if you could let Hildabeast know so she can stop looking like a sore loser. Angry crooked white woman came to end.
Or gotten older, either way they aren't as miserable as you.
I couldn't be more happy, really Wonder Mutt. Watching Hildabeast and libtards like you twist in the wind for the last 18 months, priceless. Your incompetent one-liners are about the only thing miserable here.
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You RE-PLUG MORONS make me laugh. Good ol' BOSTON (beantown) (a mere 50 miles from me) is as liberal a big city as you can get. Yet, keeping-up with BOS happenings on an almost daily basis, i see that nothing 'tumultuous' is going on down there. I mean that city is very diverse, yet no 'end of days' predictions. Bos has a tough-as-helll Irish mayor, a majority Irish police force that will CRACK your head in a NY minute regardless of who you are, BOS can't get enough help for ALL the jobs that are Available,( LOGAN Airport is 'begging' for help and paying damm near $20 bucks an hour for right-off-the-street), and with the exception of the BOS Marathon Bombing, things in BOS are NO WHERE NEAR the dire BS that spews from nit-wits like 'HACK JOB', La La, Southwind(our village idiot), or the rest of you D - Heads.
(Kev3188, you're CORRECT as USUAL) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, except that terrorist attack by a bunch of Muslim fanatics.

You calling someone a village idiot is hilarious. You are the biggest fool on this forum.