Trump wants US military to secure border

Just what kind of utter morons/hopeless village idiots could even attempt to argue against the obviously sane thought of secure borders? Of course one sadly realizes that the term "liberals" is nowadays synonymous with "utter morons/hopeless village idiots"...
Building walls just means they get torn down eventually...

And the then nation of east germany ceased to even exist shortly afterwards, so the most truly "brilliant" thing we could do in your estimation is disregard ALL the lessons of history ANYWHERE about established boundaries? "Stupid is as Stupid does" Forrest Gump. P.S. There's a great gulf between having a wall built to keep an enslaved communist/"liberal" citizenery captives inside of, versus one built to sanely prevent enemies from entering. if you can't see the difference in intent then one must wonder how you manage to walk up right and/or even (perhaps wastefully) breath air at all.
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