UA starts dishing out unpaid leaves

Aug 20, 2002
United to place ''non-critical'' employees on unpaid leave
Dateline: Friday March 21, 2003

United Airlines yesterday announced drastic new cost-cutting measures to keep itself aloft, placing an unspecified number of employees on authorized no-pay status.

We have seen a dramatic decrease in seats and bookings as a result of the threat of war and we expect this to continue with the onset of war itself, Senior VP-People Sara Fields said in a taped message to employees. At the same time, we continue to have financial targets we must meet to retain our Chapter 11 financing. As a result, we must act quickly to reduce our costs in every way possible.
United asked managers to review the work being done by their organizations and determine what is absolutely critical to continue company operations in the short term. It laid out several criteria to define critical work. Once managers determine which work does not meet the criteria and as schedule reduction decisions are made, the airline said employees will be placed on authorized no-pay status for an undetermined period of time in accordance with company policy.

A spokesperson told ATWOnline that employees on ANP remain active but are not working and are not paid. They retain their seniority. United said affected employees could be placed on ANP status as early as today. It also said additional employees may be placed on ANP status at any time in the coming weeks depending upon the duration and impact of the Iraq war. Unfortunately, this action will affect many dedicated employees who have been directing all their efforts to helping United recover, a company executive said.

The airline did not announce any new schedule reductions, although last week Chairman, President and CEO Glenn Tilton said a war in Iraq could cause it to reduce schedules by up to 10% (ATWOnline, March 17).--Loren Farrar

****My sincerest good thoughts to those selected. Please have faith in yourself and take good care of your family.

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Oct 2, 2002
We''re in survival mode. I hope and pray that UAL will make it through these dark hours.

er, iflewjetz; currently on furlough