UAL may have to liquidate

On 12/23/2002 10:50:00 PM Segue wrote:

"Perish" is a VERY distinct possibility, like it or not!!! You need to get past the denial.
Dear Segue,
Nice response to an imaginary posting. I NEVER denied that UAL could perish. In fact, I admitted that UAL is in deep trouble. The point of my post (I guess you missed it) was that the omniscient business media routinely put out bogus information and spin in order to promiote an agenda. Got it? Again, Goodwin was fired because he was a menace to the corporation - the BOD finally woke from it's coma and sent him into him a well financed corporate val halla (I want one of those deals BTW, you know, where I catgorically fail by every measure, cost the corporartion billions in ill advised, ill timed adventures, distract my mgt team from the core business, royally dis labor at every opportunity and thus rile the sleeping gorilla that they symbolize, and then blame the failure on others and insist that they get me out 'O this mess with draconian cuts in compensation........or we will perish - and then I 'retire' with huge pension, country club membership, consulting income, office stipend, car, etc, etc).
This is an unique business and any who comment theron had better study up and get educated - listen with an OPEN MIND to ALL who are a part of the business (and that includes labor). This doesn't often seem to be the case and is lamentable......and obvious (to me anyway). The main point of an issue (let alone the nuances) is ofetn completely missed and yet the public laps it up without missing a beat. I'm tired of it - that's all.
Cheers gimbalimit