UAL Mechanics' Election Set for Feb. 26

I'm done watching my back. The only thing United hasn't come after is in front.

Sooo… wrong Mon Ami, UA has cut off your sack a long time ago.
Just look down and center... :eek:

Those Asian comments at AA would of put that loser on the street for good under our rule 32 hate talk/ just about everything harassing rule.

Considering the ethnic diversity here at SFO, he also opened a plethora of litigation as a UA AI.
Not the smartest tool in the shed, but as the UA Reamsters spokesperson, who could expect less. :down:

The Teamsters instead of AMFA?

At this time I have seen nothing to indicate that that would be a good choice.

Hoffa claims that the Teamsters will fight against outsourcing, yet at those carriers where the Teamsters already represent mechanics they have not been successful at bringing work in house. Just look at Continental, UPS and SWA, where the mechanics ousted the Teamsters in favor of AMFA a few years ago, none of them have as much insourced work as UAL.

The Teamsters have done a good job at UPS and SWA as far as wages, where they set industry standards, but those are special circumstances. UPS mechanics benifit from being aligned with the militant pro-Carey faction of the IBT. Under Carey UPS led the last successful major strike in this country-thats why our corporate controlled government ran him out of the IBT. Hoffa on the other hand led the Overnight Trucking debacle and if my memory is correct supported Bush for President, in the hopes that by picking the winning side government oversight would be eased up-he was wrong. He is still a lapdog. SWA pays everyone the best so the fact that the mechanics voted them out should say more than the contract that was put in place while they were there. Continental is better off than TWU represented workers at AA but thats not exactly an endorsement. The fact is that all three of those carriers do very little overhaul and in all the years the IBT has been there, and with all the resources at their disposal they have done nothing to change that, yet, here they are criticizing AMFA for the concessions that the IAM put in place that allowed UAL to send out overhaul work.

The IBT has no particular interest in A&P mechanics or airline workers. They are simply opportunists seeking dues.They may have left the AFL-CIO but they have long since abandoned the mission statement of the "United We Win" coalition. Its business unionism as usual with the IBT. When workers at AA contacted the IBT about representation the IBT sent a letter to the TWU assuring them that they had no interest in representing the workers at AA. So why is the IBT all of a sudden interested in A&P mechanics at UAL? Simply because they are pissed that AMFA replaced them at SWA and they are trying to use you guys as a means of getting back at AMFA. They could care less about you guys and the guys selling it are just trying to make a bed for themselves.

Tell the IBT that you know of a group of workers that are really unhappy with the union they have and that after they go and get them, then maybe you will consider trading in your craft union for a business union.

When the IBT starts to act like a real union and is willing to step on the toes of the AFL-CIO and offer workers a choice of representation then maybe they would be worth considering, until then, you are better off staying with a union that you control. Give the guys over at SWA a call and ask them why they ousted the IBT before you jump in.

You are 100 percent right on the money. SWA didn't dump them just for the fun of it and UPS has part time mechanics in their contract something unions have been fighting forever not to get. Even the misguided FedEx mechanics have been interested in going reamsters. Unfortunately I don't know of any union now who will benefit the AMT. AMFA made some crucial mistakes in my opinion in our strike at NW. But of course NW also pulled out the big guns to help destroy AMFA. You UAL guys I don't know what to tell you. All I know is you will be paying dues and most likely not getting much if anything out of it know matter who you go with. I have gotten pretty sour on unions after 2 unions and 20 yrs worth.
Thanks for the info. Any idea what the results will be?
If they knew the results in advance, a bunch of us would of made alot of money betting the Giants in the SuperBowl. <_< The only sure bet in this industry is the next concessionary agreement brought forth by the twu at AA. :down:
sorry, my bad...the mechs I've talked to aren't too impressed with either one. Just wondering what anyone thought the outcome would be like guess/hunch/b**ls**t/odds
Thanks for the info. Any idea what the results will be?


1. Smart move would be to keep AMFA and become involved instead of looking to undermine your own Union at every opportunity. :down:
2. Next 'less-smart' move is to get the reamsters, at least it will shut up some of the non-participating whiners until the reamsters shove the next LOA and/or contract down their throat. :down:
3. Most stupid is to be decertified, which is a good possibility. :ph34r:

Regardless, we will find out on the 31st or soon thereafter.
sorry, my bad...the mechs I've talked to aren't too impressed with either one. Just wondering what anyone thought the outcome would be like guess/hunch/b**ls**t/odds

Not impressed with either one? Sure, there will always be people who would prefer to sit back and complain. That is the easy way. But at least with AMFA if there is a problem it can be fixed the democratic way. Democracy does not come easy or cheap. To better our craft people must get involved in their union. Can you vote for EVERYONE in your union from top to bottom? With an election at United you are seeing democracy at work.

AMFA did not post lies about the teamsters, nor did they try and inflate the eligibility list. Regardless of the outcome it will come down to those willing to do what is right for them by voting. Vote for a craft union where there is true accountability or continue to sit back and complain.

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