United Mechanics vote on new contract extensio

Sorry, when it comes to a CBA we will have to live under, the UAL Technicians aren't really concerned with the inane blathering of a ramper from another airline.

Contracts aren't just about money, and fortunately UAL Technicians are a bit more discerning

Actually if they voted it down based on the conversations you and I had here surrounding a boogeyman argument then your coworkers are pretty damn dumb honestly.

Sorry but I don’t think they teach financial literacy or basic common sense in Avionics School.

Dumb decisions based on irrational fear mongering are all too common today though.

So how many years do you think UAL Management will stonewall you now? Tick Tock, Tick Tock.
All the more reason I still believe UAL will try and tweak the extension language - They already know that minus a crisis, the December reset will pay out, and now with Delta adding 5% that reset increase just got bigger.

While the reset increase won't be nearly as large as the extension raises, the reset increases come without surrendering a word of contract language. The question is what was the biggest issue(s) driving that "NO" vote? If there is one glaring issue driving the vote then it could be an easy fix, but if its more or less split evenly among many issues we may be in for the long game.

We'll see

Beginning to look like “Long Game” is the winning bet. Buckle up.
So here’s how this Ramper from another Airline sees this playing out.

UAL now has to deal with finishing up the AFA Contract before moving on to all those IAM represented Groups. Somehow the IBT squeezed in and got a deal that would have put them “comfortably” on the sidelines making extra money and still retaining that sweet industry reset. And that’s while AA soon begins negotiations with the TWU/IAM Association.

UAL isn’t going to be so quick to negotiate any deals with the IBT now. They’re going to have to get in line with everyone else. And AA and UAL are going to be watching what each other does as far as improvements.

Pretty easy to figure out why Management is ignoring you now. You should have taken that deal Bro. 😎