United Reaction to Ebola in Dallas


Jul 23, 2003
Yesterday, UA released the flight information for Patient Zero:

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has informed us that the patient said he flew part of his trip on United. However, without consent, we cannot divulge a travelers identity. The director of the CDC has stated there is zero risk of transmission on any flight on which the patient flew because he was not symptomatic until several days after his trip and could not have been contagious on the dates he traveled. While the CDC states it is unnecessary for it or the airline to contact others who were on the patients flights, United is providing information about the flights United believes the patient took, based on information provided by the CDC. We are ensuring our employees have this information and suggest that any customers who have concerns contact the experts at the CDC for further information.

Information on the Sept. 20 flights United believes the patient took is as follows:

Brussels to Washington Dulles, Flight 951 and Washington Dulles to Dallas-Fort Worth, Flight 822.
Today, it's being reported that UA is reaching out to the 400 or so people on those flights.
so your likely "suspect" airline wasn't really the one that carried the passenger so you have now started YOUR THIRD thread on this board - and this time you got the airline right.

you do realize that AAL stock was down today while DAL and UAL were up?

another blown E theory.
Likely suspect? That's your irrational conclusion.

All I called DL out on was for not getting in front of the story the way that AA, WN, and UA did.
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Writer gives UA lots of credit for getting in front of the story, and that is why stocks didn't get hammered beyond the first day.

The first Ebola Case in the US has been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.) Airline stocks were down across the board Wednesday as investors and the traveling public tried to gauge the severity of the situation. On Thursday, airline stocks, including United Airlines, bounced back, as the CDC reassured the public that air travel poses little risk of exposure.

No one is blaming United for unknowingly carrying a sick passenger. So why hide it? Further, the announcement provided an opportunity to show passengers that the airline takes Ebola seriously, while also reiterating the CDC statements that the likelihood of transmission is low. The fast response no doubt saved United's customer service center from a wave of calls by panicked passengers, wanting to know if they had been on one of the affected flights.
eolesen said:
Likely suspect? That's your irrational conclusion.

All I called DL out on was for not getting in front of the story the way that AA, WN, and UA did.
because DL had nothing to do with the case.

Your theory doesn't work.

DL stock didn't fall more than every other carrier on the announcement and DL is still the highest value stock and is recovering as well as or better than other carriers that were hammered by the irrational suggestion that limiting travel would help solve the Ebola problem.