United To Bring Back 375 Flight Attendants


Apr 10, 2003
Increase in flights opens jobs for some on voluntary furlough

By David Kesmodel, Rocky Mountain News
August 28, 2004

United Airlines said Friday it plans to recall 375 flight attendants from voluntary layoffs because of an increase in flights.

The giant carrier, which is in bankruptcy-court protection, plans to bring back 175 attendants on Oct. 18 and 200 on Nov. 22, company spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said.

United will begin notifying workers being recalled in the first phase next week, she said.

About 26 attendants based in Denver will be recalled over the two phases, the United branch of the Association of Flight Attendants union said on its Web site.

Chicago-based United needs more attendants because it is adding international flights and is flying its planes more hours per day on average, Urban- ski said.

The union said the recall comes in addition to the roughly 400 attendants previously scheduled to return from voluntary layoffs Oct. 31.

Attendants at United, Denver's biggest carrier, volunteered for furloughs in 2003 after the company ordered job cuts.

About 3,000 attendants will remain on voluntary furlough.

United, the operating unit of UAL Corp., has about 63,000 employees, compared with about 100,000 before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The airline filed for bankruptcy in late 2002.
I hope this is true. But I have my doubts. I am sure that UA needs the F/A's to return but not due to increased flights. I think that many F/As have quit, been fired, retired, or have vacation coming up and UA doesn't want to be short around the holidays. Good luck to all at UA.
No, it's true alright. I haven't heard of anyone being fired in ages, nor have I seen a major exodus.

We have had all involuntary furloughs back for a year now and these last folks are out because they want to be out. Unfortunately, I'm sure many of these people thought they were going to be out for some time and probably will quit when they are told they must return.