United To Recall Additional Flight Attendants

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Feb 2, 2004
Suburbs of San Francisco
From AFA:

United Announces Recall of 250 Effective July 1, 2004

Furlough Recall Notification and Information

The Company today announced that they intend to recall up to 250 Flight Attendants from voluntary furlough per Section 21.A.4.c. of the Contract. The Company explains that the involuntary recall from voluntary furlough is in response to an increase in aircraft hours. This is good news for our jobs, yet we recognize this will present unique challenges for our flying partners being recalled and we offer our assistance and understanding during their return to work.

Flight Attendants junior to and including those with system seniority number 17788, with an SW classification seniority date of August 1, 1998, as listed on the system seniority list dated May 4, 2004, are subject to recall from voluntary furlough. This is a permanent recall. Approximately 3,800 flight attendants remain on voluntary recall with scheduled return dates through 2007. The next scheduled return is October 31, 2004.

The recall will be conducted in inverse seniority order, and in accordance with Section 21.A.3.e. of the Contract, all will return to the domiciles from which they were furloughed. United will send Notification via FedEx no later than May 12, 2004. Whatever the response, whether it’s to return to work, report a medical issue, or sever employment, it’s very important that Flight Attendants who receive this notification take special care to return the response through certified mail by the deadline listed in the FedEx notification.
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