United To Consider Acquisitions

It's like we're back at DCA during the express accident with the E170. "I was there!" "I was there!" "I was there!"
My fav "The World Revolves Around PineyBob" story so far was just posted by Bob recently in the USAirways forum. (I let it go at the time because it was just too pathetic to respond to.)

Apparently, Bob went to a McDonalds at 10:45, and said breakfast was no longer available, even though it was posted that breakfast was available until 11:00.

The horror!

Now you or I, or most normal people, would just shrug and say, "Whaddya expect -- it's a McDs, ferchrissake." Besides, one piece of fatty greasy meat wedged between stale slices of bread is about the same as another, whether it is sausage / pig meat (or maybe bacon; the typical McD's pre-11AM breakfast) or beef / cow meat (or maybe chicken; the typical McD's post-11AM mean) that we are talking about. At the very least, most of us have more important things to deal with in life besides making a big deal about something so trivial.

Not Bob.

Bob drove away, got indignant (apparently had a "Do you know who I am? I pay your salary!!!" moment), and called some McD's customer service number to complain. And apparently the customer service rep called the McDs he was just at and "ordered" them to serve him breakfast.

Then, Bob actually took the time to go BACK to the restaurant to get the pig meat. You know, just to make sure the workers there knew It Is All About Bob.

AND he posted on USAviation about how he showed them. As if it wasn't pathetic to get all upset about a McD's menu.

Anyway, I got a good chuckle out of it. But hopefully the people in Tempe are paying attention to tantrums like that, and realize that here is a man demanding that a disproportionate amount of corporate attention and resources be lavished on him, compared to the 99 cents in sandwich revenue he was fussing about, just so he can "make a point."

Tempe, he ain't worth it! WAY too high maintenance relative to the revenue he will bring in.

Sorry to get off topic ...