Us Air Satisfies Terms Of Ge Financing Deal

All I know is that in 1992, I went on strike for a paycut...!!

What should I do now with this offer...?? Quit..??

boeing787 said:
This entire company is B.S. From Captian Boomer (check your spelling there pal) to USA320 (who lives in outer space). Ya'll wanted our 777 and 747-400 seats when the buyout came (thank God that deal didn't go down), you ate your young in the past with Piedmont, Alleghany and Mohawk oh yeah let's not forget PSA. You guys are jokers, parity +1%. Get real. It's time to stop spending money you don't have. Get over with it and move on. Did I PM USA320, yep he has almost 4000 (yep that's in the 1000's) posts. How ridiculous. Couldn't happen to a better group. See you at FL370 or maybe not. 700UW...I'm with ya...flush this turd.

First of all one of the "things" about these boards is no one should dump on another poster about their spelling. If you do be prepared to be jumped on about your own so 787 maybe you should do a little spell checking yourself before you rip on someone else about their spelling.
Secondly, maybe it's time you started cleaning your own house at UAL before coming to UAIR and telling them how to clean theirs. Don't forget your company is in Chapter 11 also and from what's in the papers it isn't going to be easy for you to get your "turd" out of the toilet either.