US Airways Will Not Take Delivery of CRJ-705 Aircraft; Mesa Airlines to Operate CRJ-700 as US Airway


Jul 16, 2003
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On 7/17/2003 6:06:03 AM NCflyer wrote:

A320 Driver & others:

Now I will be the first to admit that I don''t know what the arrangements are for the payments to the contract carriers providing RJ service as USAirways Express carriers.

A320 Driver says:
Exactly...YOU DON''T KNOW! Just let me say this. I can pay cab fare all day and nobody cares what my finances look like, but just let me try to lease or buy a car...big difference.

You could look at this way....while you are in that cab that
cab is making money...if you are not the cab is not...Now with the contract carriers they are making money even if they fly all day without carrying one passenger so yes USairways is paying for those RJs....They have the financing for all the RJs they are getting now or they wouldn''t be getting them....So the next time you are out there waiting to depart and you see one of these RJs with alot empty windows remember they are still making money...They are probally making more money then usairways because they are giving it to them!!!

A320 Driver

Aug 24, 2002
You don''t know how relieved I am that you Express/furloughed guys are so learned. What''s a poor mainline guy to do these days without the light of your wisdom shining all around us.
I for one am glad that you know so much more about any given subject than we do.

A320 Driver


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