Dec 28, 2009
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All living former Presidents except Trump urge Americans to get vaccinated in new ad campaign

The ad campaign reunites almost every member of the so-called President's Club, the group of living former commanders in chief. Former President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump are not featured in either ad, the only living president and first lady to not participate. CNN has previously reported that both received the coronavirus vaccine in January at the White House but did not publicize the fact until weeks after they had left Washington. On Wednesday, before the ad was published, Trump put out a statement claiming credit for the vaccine, but he was not included in the ad promoting it to the American people.

Oh My....:eek:
No one else would have gotten the vaccine or credit for the PSA if it were not for 'Operation Warp Speed' Trump initiated in May '20.

You didn't overlook that did you, I see Biden did tonight.


Why Operation Warp Speed Worked

From the beginning the principal mission of Operation Warp Speed was the development, manufacturing, and distribution—i.e., shipping—of coronavirus vaccines. To date, the program has managed to produce and deliver about 50 million vaccine doses—all made in the U.S.—with hundreds of millions more on the way. It also had 97,000 certified receivers distributing the vaccine across the U.S.

Third, maintain government oversight from start to finish. The Commerce, Defense, and Health and Human Services departments invoked the Defense Production Act 18 times to prioritize materials and supplies for Operation Warp Speed, and get government contracts for vaccine development and manufacturing to the head of the line. The use of federal authority to guide but not micromanage the private economy’s efforts was key to producing victory in World War II and to creating the Covid vaccine in record time.


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