Sep 16, 2013
Funny, no mention of ground workers... The world seems to revolve only around pilots and f/a's.


"Among the rawer comments provided by pilots for the American Voice project was the blunt remark "I feel betrayed by American Airlines." Another said "I work for the only airline who hates their pilots. Is that what you want?"


Any candid anonymous feedback from AA employees also might have been expected to touch on the hot topic of uniforms. And American Voice indeed elicited some: "UNIFORMS, UNIFORMS, UNIFORMS! Replace the Twin Hill uniforms in our workplace now! We cannot wait three years! Do the right thing and do it now! Please!"

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No mention of us below the wing types because the hate us. We are a "brick in the backpack" expense they have to deal with. They listen to and respect the cabin crews because the crew s stand up to the company. Our group not so much.
We had a meeting last week. The two clowns running the hangar op at DWH showed up. They alluded to "hearing us" in regards to the American voice. Then they tell us how they are allowing the CCs to have a 4/10 piece of the weekend schedule. So we naturally asked if the AMTs would have the same option. Nope, they do not give a rip about our schedule, just the few company CCs that kiss the ring. Ive never been in an organization with such poor leadership.
I've heard that DFW Stores Department has a "Predatory Management" style of running things!! With the new so called "senior supervisor" AKA, Ted Jr., ***** Boy, making the comment "I'm not here to make friends" to his fellow supervisors. This style of management has caused even newly transferred members of management to transfer back to there former stations to get away from this style of managing!
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We had our feedback meeting with nobody from the company above the level of supervisor there. Obvious there is no plan to make any positive changes.