Why hasn''t anyone posted the Mar 1 codaphone?

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ALPA, the altruistic association!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some say let them do their thing. Well it looks like they are at the expense of all. Surprise? I don't think so! Savy

That's the trouble with acronyms. They reduce living breathing human beings such as pilots, mechanics and flight attendents to mere letters of the alphabet. Savy, you are mean-spirited today. These are PEOPLE you are talking about! These are people who have have families and loved ones; people who contribute to their communities...people who bleed when they are cut.
And Savy, get this: No matter how hard you try to convince me, no matter what you say or do, I will NOT marry you![img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/11.gif'] [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/11.gif'] [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/11.gif'] [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/11.gif']

Dear Friendly, (new kid on the block)

You are CORRECT, we are all living human beings.

Tell me, though, what would be gained by ALPA suggesting that the co. freeze all other pensions , reduce their RJ investment, in order to maintain the pilots pesnions? So, ALPA states that they are subsidizing OUR defined pensions; as if no other group made any major sacrifices but them. Come on. Their line of thinking has gone "haywire". Freezing IAM and AFA's pensions, under these circumstances, would COST the co. much in anger between one group and another. Especially knowing that management did not suggest this OR motion this.
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Didn't understand your thread above. Not quite sure what you are attempting to imply OR say.

Not to worry PITbull. Half the time I don't know what the hell I am saying or implying. I'm too tired to go back and read what I wrote. I don't know about you, but this has been a very looooooooong day and I am pooped.
Take no offense from whatever it was I wrote because none was intended. When I intend to offend someone, I do it in a very succinct and clear fashion. [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/1.gif'] [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/1.gif']
By the way, just call me "Pup". the "friendly" part is a ruse just so people won't think I'll pee on their shoes.
1. I believe the objector attorney's actuary was on behalf of retired pilots.

2. Please read ALPA's motion which you are able to access via their website. Page 35 clearly states that if the court sides with US Airways and terminates ALPA's pension, they want the other plans to incur the same.

Chip, stop the spin. For the past 2 months you have preached that it was not fair for others to keep their pension. You and ALPA are labors version of Jerry Glass!
ooooh,shots fired!
Sounds like the courts are beginning to understand our frustrations. Perhaps they will rule in favor of the company to protect the creditors but it is amusing that the judge is losing his patience with the "pace of the proceedings." We should issue this man an employee number, honorary of course.

Welcome to the hell that we all call management your Honor!
"Platinum Testicles"--What a way with words!

In your post you copied exactly what Chip has denied. He never seems to allow facts to get in the way of his spin. I try so hard to understand and appreciate his point of view; yet, everytime I give him the benefit of the doubt something like this occurs. Keep up the good work!
Pup, you have no idea of what has transpired and taken place in this situation at US Airways. For months Chip told IAM and CWA members take concessions to save the company and if you don't like it quit. He even wrote an Op/Ed piece chastising the CWA members for trying to get the best deal for their members.

Well now the shoe is on the other foot and Chip who use to praise Dave daily has done a 180 because their pensions are at stake. Heck my pension won't even be the $28,000 PBGC minimum when I retire 20 years from now.

Any sympathy ALPA had from fellow unions at US Airways just went out the door with their testimony and their objection to get rid of everyone else's pension.

And your threats about a shotgun are totally uncalled for and yes I am a DEMOCRAT and DEMOCRATS stick up for the working class people.

And pup their were no insults in my posts, don't tell me what to do and if you don't like the post simply don't read them, that will solve your problem.
From Chip's Posting:

ALPA's next witness was an actuary who provided the court with other options to the company to save money, other than terminating the pilot pension plan.

Some of these options included delaying a pension decision until later 2003 in a way to meet ATSB/RSA requirements, provide greater time for legislative relief, and working with other retirement entities to be in position for relief when Congress takes action on the 30-year bond rate waiver. Some of the other options offered by the actuary included reducing the company's $3 to $4 billion RJ financing commitment, freezing ALPA and other pension plans, and recovering the $35 million in executive lump sum retirement payments, etc.

Also page 35 of ALPA's objection.

What ALPA has done and ask for has stabbed organized labor in the back. The IAM, the CWA and the TWU, never ever interfered with ALPA's talks and situation.

They have to have platnium testicles to force a pension freeze or termination on anyother employee group at US Airways. I thought it was bad enough in 1992 when ALPA cut a side deal not to honor the IAM picket line and ensured every pilot flying or not due to the MD80, DC9, F28 and F100s being grounded was down right cold hearted and ruthless, but this takes the cake.

I think the IAM, AFA and TWU should file charges against ALPA and have them kicked out of the AFL-CIO and treated like the traitors they are to the organized labor movement.
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Don't waste time on PUP, don't think its someone who gives a damn. They just want to antagonize the groups. Plus, their all over the map.

I dont think friendlypup thinks this is some sort of a joke and has nothing better to do, how sad.

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Lav, Tell us how you really feel. Their young are mostly gone now its time to feed on whats left. Savy

Sav---Lav......whatever....why don't youse lay off this cannibal thing? The hour is late and the issue is daunting. Yer 'gittin on me nerves, the two of yee. If yer' insinuatin' that yer gonna feed me to some union, be advised I have my shotgun at the ready.