You people are so miserable.

Dog Wonder

Jan 1, 2004
Maybe some music can fix you.  If you see a need to get out of your misery.
Fear and hate, the staples of the Right, and especially the Christian Right, are soooo much better....

Got it...
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You can have your cannabis and religion in one song:
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Some one is still miserable.  Maybe a visit from the Dr. will help.
cltrat said:
nope he's just running money into that crooked foundation
Ol Hill probably has as good a chance of being arrested as she does being elected
cltrat said:
yours consists of working the Pa rest areas Dan
cltrat said:
did Bears whisper that clever reply in your ear while he was packing your mud?
cltrat said:
the dumb ones are the 40% who find Hillary trustworthy

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