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    Top 10 nonstop routes that SW should start

    My Top 10 Route Suggestions MCO-LAS MCO-SLC MCO-LAX TPA-OAK HOU-SAN HOU-SEA DTW-BWI MDW-JAX RDU-FLL FLL-LAS BIG Rumor running around!! DFW is next!
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    Rumors are Flying

    Hey GOGO, Where on did you see the positions in Ft Myers?
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    Point to Point?

    I was just reading this article in Business Week and it referred to Jetblue as a point to point carrier, like Southwest. I have seen that on several news articles and was wondering, is Jetblue a true point to point carrier? I went to and looked up some random flights, ex MCO-SLC and...
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    Okay, who farted?

    About shutting the APU down on turns, this is directly from MCO To Become Southwest’s Newest ‘Gate Services’ Station Our Station at Orlando International Airport (MCO) will become our latest “Gate Servicesâ€￾ operation on Tuesday as part of an effort to reduce the...
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    Okay, who farted?

    Currently we are operating out of new and old gates in MDW. Last time I was there, they were in the process of demolishing the D, F or G concourse, whichever one it was at the time the new gates opened. Been told all the gates should be done by late summer.
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    Okay, who farted?

    Just finishing a 4 day trip today. Of the 14 flights I have worked only 1 had less than 100 people on it. Of course I was working up and down the East Coast and it is Spring Break. Things are pretty quiet, everbody just doing their job and praying for our troops overseas. A few of our own...
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    OK! I have had ENOUGH! Seatbelt signs! Why are they there, if nobody ever pays attention to them? For the past 5 years I have been flying, I have never understood why people never seem to see the seatbelt sign? EXAMPLE! I was working today, BNA-MDW. We were carrying about 85...
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    Number of flight attendants

    With the March Bid, there were 6854 F/A's at Southwest PHX - 1609 OAK - 1077 MDW - 1052 BWI - 918 HOU - 869 MCO - 725 DAL - 604
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    What''s up with the Flight Attendants?

    Thank You SWFlyer, yes we are taking our time. We actually have a VERY GOOD Negotiating Team this time around and things are progressing at a positive speed. Most people do not realize that a F/A Contract is very complex. Unlike our brothers and sisters on the ground it has to cover things...
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    Southwest is for EVERYONE!

    We have always carried celebrities. Just yesterday going from BNA-SAN, we carried Jon Grubens (Head Coach of the Buccaneers) parents and family to the SuperBowl. It seems Delta cancelled their flight to SAN. Delta promised to get them to SAN by Monday morning!!! Kinda late to see their Son...
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    What to do with an Empty Hangar

    HMM, the Hangar in question sits right across from the LUV gates, I wonder how that hanger would look painted in Canyon Blue? [img src='']
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    What to do with an Empty Hangar

    HMM, the Hangar in question sits right across from the LUV gates, I wonder how that hanger would look painted in Canyon Blue? [img src='']
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    Service to Georgia

    Been buzzing around the system lately, heard it from 3 seperate pilots and a trainer in Dallas that SWA has been in Macon GA looking at the airport. Been hearing in the rumor mill that the State of GA is mad at the way the City of Atlanta is running ATL and has been looking at the choices for...
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    LCC ''s New Name

    How about [FONT color=#3333ff]Delta[/FONT][FONT color=#cc0000]RED[FONT color=#000000]? Since it will most likely operate in the red?[BR][BR]Also[BR][BR]Southwest2[BR]Plane Simple[BR]ReadyJET[BR]Bud[/FONT][/FONT][FONT color=#3300cc]JET[BR][/FONT]