12 former executives had pension plan terminated WHA!


Dec 29, 2002
I stand corrected.

Notice, though, where is "real world"? Probably very busy with the pension issue. Piney, I believe they will be coming after all of us for our pensions.
Picking us off one by one. We have to be careful now, not to go against each other, but support one another. I realize that now, just watching the board. Management wants us to go up against each other, and pressure each labor group with the co.'s threats.

I will not do their dirty work for them, or make it easy. These guys are the "best" in their business. We should all be able to see how transparent they are by now. I will not "bash" the pilots into submission with the same old mantra of "save the company". The "defined pensions" are what makes these jobs a career. Pilotsb areb correct when they say they remedied their pension contribution liability by taking drastic pay cuts which effects their FAEs. That translates to less contribution going forward for the co. These revenue trends will not last forever. Co. already projected a conservative estimate of $127 million net profit for 2004 with operating revenues of over $8 billion.