14 more stations to be expressed?


Jan 8, 2003
The hot rumor is that 14 more stations will be expressed out in September or October. Whose jets will take these stations over?

Could these cities be the ones?
ATL is doubtful because of the strong business market between PHL and ATL, however if US eventually puts some CR7 with CRJ''s than i could maybe see it.
BWI is very likely, its down to i think 30 flights a day. I think there are 8 flights from PHL with only 2 on mainline so BWI is a good chance
IND is also a good possibility, probably some more ERJ''s
MSY is doubtful, US typcially sends 757''s and sometimes 321''s down there so unless they plan to use the 170 then i doubt it
IAD is very likely as well
Two that come to mind off hand are ABE and MDT....Allentown is only * 1 * mainline flight a day.
Just my .02 cents worth.

ATL is going from 17 mainline to 10 mainline and 7 RJ. Always heard ATL has a huge O&D market. Would be surprised if it went all RJ.

Id guess most likely cities would be: ILM, PWM, PNS, IAD(although loads seem to have picked up since code share)MDT, ABE. I think SRQ only supports seasonal svc, before the winter we only had 2 mainline flts daily.

Least likely: RIC, BWI, MSY, BNA, ATL, MSP(?)too far?

Maybe: CHS, MYR, ORF, IND. I think you could add GSO to this list.

But what do i know, im just a peon. I was amazed MKE went RJ,

If any of these cities went RJ what would they do with the AC? SAT, AUS, SLC, PDX, SJC, SMF(?)
I would be surprised if BWI went express. Every flight out is full. Every flight they pulled was full. Plus I think if it was express it could not be used as a diversion station for DCA and PHL like it is now. That also requires that some agents have customs clearance for international diversions.
The rumor about 14 more stations going express has been around since the company announced our closing (CLE).You can be sure it''s going to happen.As soon as these 170 RJ''s start coming on line the small station closings will be like a line of dominos.With authorization for 465 RJ''s, there will be very few mainline stations left on US Airway''s system.
Looking at the aircraft that are now on order or option, it appears that the only growth at US is going to be via large-small jets or medium-small jets. Also, it must be assumed that the small-small jets will replace current turbo-prop aircraft. Since it has been stated by "Dave and the boys" that US will continue to expand in the carribean and increase longer distance domestic flying, it must be assumed that the aforementioned large/medium-small jets will replace regular jets in various markets in addition to adding frequency and starting new service.

So, how come "employee friendly" Dave can''t let the employees know what he is planning. Certainly, he could put enough maybes around it to allow for changing conditions. We know it is going to happen, all we are talking about is when. I am sure the unions involved would be able to deal with a little candor on the part of senior management. Maybe he doesn''t trust us.
The company has been averaging about 60 days lead time from announcement to closing.CLE closing was announced March 28th and will be closing June 9th.I don''t kow if we''re subject to the plant closing laws which require advanced notice.When the dog and pony show came to Cleveland to explain our options and why they decided to close our station,the talking head from corporate said that they are looking at the bookings for each station on a monyh by month basis.If your station isn''t making money,you''re history.They told us that CLE''s break even point on a 737-300 to CLT was 100 passengers per airplane. Since the company is losing about 3 million dollars a day,there are a lot of stations in the same boat.
I think the writing is on the wall for DTW. They are down to 3 mainline flights a day. With the introduction of the 70 seat RJ''s, I don''t think they will make it to the end of the year.
RIC seems to be pretty full on flights. 319/320/737..I''d say they''re ,aking some $ on those fligts? I''d be surprised if that market goes to express! What about MYR? what does their load factors look like?
It is foolish to speculate about any city. Each are different in regard to competition as well as location. Some that have gone Express are due to the UA codeshare, prime example MKE. There are several that have been listed above that are on the radar screens of Southwest and Airtran. They are holding out to see what our next move is with Mainline service. If we leave, they will be there in a heartbeat to run us out of town. The company can think what they want, but passengers will take the 737''s over the RJ''s most of the time. Many stations that have gone express in the past were do to poor loads and or a shrinking population base. We still serve some that are rapidly growing areas with more businesses locating to their areas.