19 Terror Suspects Arrested In Toronto


Mar 11, 2003
Saturday, 2003 Aug. 23

19 terror suspects arrested

By Colin Freeze
With a report from Richard Mackie

The arrest of 19 Toronto-area Pakistanis by antiterrorism agents prompted officials to fear the worst yesterday and call for security reviews of Canada's flight schools, private colleges and nuclear reactors.

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The document says one of the men has taken three years to do a one-year flight-school course, and one of the school's flight paths was over Pickering nuclear-power generators, east of Toronto.

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I am glad that they caught these guys but don't you think the media is a little off the wall on describing that one of the flight paths was over a nuke plant :angry:
Next they will say that his flight path was also over highways,schools and horror of horrors!!! over an AIRPORT!!!!

Sounds like he was just a lousy student or didn't have the money to fly every weekend. I would think that Ahkbar the terrorist would have the $$$ or the latent talent to be able to pull off a PPL course in a few months