6 Million Dollar Bonus Which May Tilted The NO Vote


Aug 28, 2002
As posted on the IAM site, YES, about time they heard the members voices on this matter. Asking people for TONS of give backs then handing out bonuses to the very people who put U into this mess, was and IS a big mistake. Just too bad it had to go this far, but it did, hope the hill isn''t too steep and long.
Cav, Without question , the 6 Million Dollar mistake played a part in this. Dave's story about having to pay to retain quality leadership , basically fell on deaf ears. Many are of the opinion that "Quality" was never there to begin with, hince our present condition. He followed up by stating that he has brought in at least 35% new faces to see us out of this...he said that at least another 10% of upper management would change too. The other issues that slanted the tide of "No" , were the Retro issues....and the payment of $1.25 Million to a Union (IAM) , that many of it's members have simply lost all faith in. We do afterall pay monthly dues for thier supposed negotiation skills. Why does a failing carrier such as we are labled have to subsidize negotiations? The last issue was people being of the mindset...that a vote either way , spelled doom to thier continued employment regardless , So why go down , laying down? I was , as previously stated in other threads..."Willing" to do what I thought was beneficial to the supposed greater good. I have had more than a few second thougts on that rational since then. I can say without fail...that my life and financial well being has been ruined since I was "Hi-Jacked" into the IAM....I had "No Vote" ,"No Say" on the subject...I was acreeded into a "Like it or not?" situation. Frankly now...I hope the judge tosses the IAM into the Pautomac River.....and then maybe? , some simblance of my life can return to normal. I won't be holding my breath in the interum.
You said it, Cavalier!
For Uncle Dave to ask the Government for a one billion dollar loan because we are in financial trouble, then turn around and give six million dollars as "bonuses" to his exec's because their kind of help is hard to replace[:knockout:]
Then to go to the employee groups and say hey guys, time to give it up in order to survive is like a big slap in the face to us, a really big slap[:0] The kind of slap that leaves you wondering - what did I do to deserve this? And why do they get rewarded for doing to us what they did?[:blackeye:]