A Dem Senator Is Now Concerned About the AA & JB Hookup


Oct 23, 2010
So where was his concern over a freakin year ago, HELLOOOOO?!!!
They filed for this back in June or July of 2020, and the approval came 6 months after that (I think). Why now is this Senator just now sending letters in about the hookup??? Little too late buddy. And he a Senator, why??

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Again, why did the DOJ and 6 other states wait over 15 months to try and stop this? Where was all these objections the 3rd month after it was all announced and approved already, well over a year ago??
Also remember and keep in the back of our minds the upcoming announcement of the 16 slots soon to be announced to what LCC airline will get them and JB is one of the requesting LCC's airlines in line. Not positive, but maybe this is why the suit is coming out now, we shall see I guess...

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Court date is now set. Sep. 2022. You would think they would want to get thru this a little quicker. Almost a full year out, hmmm...

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Of course a motion to dismiss by the airlines involved is in order, huh?
Let the drama begin.

Delta has pretty much undercut the DOJ case by adding flights. In 2022 JB will do the Boston-NY shuttle portion.