AA Announces Renovation Plans for Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge at LHR

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Aug 19, 2002
American Airlines Announces Renovation Plans for Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge at London Heathrow Airport

American Airlines has begun extensive renovations to its Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge at London Heathrow Airport. The work will be conducted in phases allowing portions of the facilities, located in Terminal 3 at Gate H, to remain open for the duration of the project, which is slated for completion in 2010.



"Enhancing the travel experience for our valued customers is of great importance to American Airlines," said Nancy Knipp, President - Admirals Club for American Airlines. "We are confident that the renovations to Heathrow's Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge facilities will further our efforts to better serve members and guests."

The remodeled Admirals Club lounge will offer seating for 230 visitors, and its reconfigured layout will provide a more open and spacious feeling. Other amenities will include new shower suites; a children's room with TV, computers and age appropriate software; complimentary Wi-Fi; a cyber cafe; and an improved business center.

The renovated Flagship Lounge will more than double in size to nearly 8,000 square feet of lounge space seating 134 customers. Flagship Lounge visitors will enjoy new shower suites, a cyber cafe, complimentary Wi-Fi, two TV lounges with flat-panel televisions, and other amenities.

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<_< ----- Well! I see they have money to do things like this, and their PUPS!----- But not enough to pay the hired help! -----Sad, but I guess that shows where their priority's are! :huh:
Yes, it is sad that the company continues to try to attract the premium cabin revenue in an attempt to increase total revenue (out of which the disgruntled are paid). What misplaced priorities.
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Those flights into LHR carry a large percentage of premium passengers. I think its a worth while investment. At this point, I think all One World flights are in and out of T3.
Not to mention that the Admirals Club is charging $350-$500 a head for membership, (or $50 for a day pass) and have a good markup at the bar and grill.... And given what a F or J ticket costs, they're getting a lot more than the $50 day pass value from those folks...

To keep people buying and renewing memberships, they need to keep that money and re-invest it in the clubs. It's certainly not there to subsidize the rest of the airline.
In a recession/depression, Duh. :blink:

Attract more paying better paying customers,( more revenue ) or bankruptcy.

I think AMR has their priorites right.

I agree completely. I was making light of MCI's Management can do no right philosophy when it comes to capital investments meant to attract higher revenue. Sorry bout that.