Airlines'' Business Plan


Sep 7, 2002
You have finally figured out that if the customer doesn't want to write a large check you don't get a large (pay)check. The annoying thing is that while executive pay will not make or break the airlines, it has not kept pace with the market, i.e. drifted down to the 20 year low.
Maybe they can petition the FAA to relax some of those nasty FARs that are costing them bucks.
I have just figured out the master plan for the airlines:
Since airfares are at twenty year low, just put wages at a twenty year low!
j7915, you are right to a point. But what happens when uncontrollable costs such as fuel prices go thru the roof. Are the major airlines supposed to subsidize that for the sake of a cheap ticket. If fuel prices were to double, say, in the event of a war, would Jetblue just eat the cost of that drastic fuel increase?

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