Airlines Rated In Top 15 Most Valuable


Oct 23, 2010
Interesting list and positions.
Interesting seeing ALK at 14th, although they are still a rather small airline.
AA in #6 slot, UAL @ 4th, Dal @ 2nd, and SWA @ #1.
Will be interesting to follow the airlines POST pandemic travel, say in another year to see where they all land. We shall see if SWA's plan pays off by working so hard for more market share post pandemic.
I was also surprised by Air China beating out AA for slot #5 and also interesting seeing Ryan Air also beat out AA by well over 6 Billion in market cap.

Top 5 are double in Billions from 5th to 1st in market cap (18 Billion difference) that's quite a bit for 4 positions IMO.
Market cap isn't a very meaningful ranking -- it only reflects how much stock has been issued and what it's worth.

None of that has any bearing on the debt they've racked up or the revenue they generate, and it's ignoring privately owned airlines.
Who cares about privately owned airlines? I don't.
Market caps are more meaningful than you realize or at least in business owners minds. Market caps become huge when a company is at the bottom of market caps they are the most vulnerable to a take over, buy out, or a flat out acquisition. The higher the market cap, and yes, of course the less debt too, the less likely to get bought or acquired.
Being at or near the top gives more control of who's buying who and will usually remain in control as we all witnessed in the usair and AA merger? Acquisition? Merger? Whatever anyone wants to call it.

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