American Airlines - AVOID this company!


Dec 27, 2017
If you want to avoid losing money, don't take this company!!
We lost 1306EUR due to a bad formation of the customer service and the airport's employee!
Indeed, our flight to Lapaz Miami was cancelled, and AA proposed us a flight on Friday instead of Tuesday. So 3 days later... Everybody knows that it's easy to take 3 days of vacation.... Everybody knows that i's easy to have a medical appointment.... Indeed, my boyfriend had several meeting on Friday and I had an important medical appointment. So the very nice guy at the airport proposed us to take ticket with Iberia and due to the situation, the tickets will be refund. Before buying the tickets I called 2 times the customer service which confirmed us the refund. So we bought the ticket and now AA said : "Sorry but no, thanks for flying with AA!" LOL!!! They have no idea of what this amount represents for us. It's a shame! They have clearly no consideration for their customers.
I know it's an old post and we may never hear from the OP since they are a single poster, but this begs some questions...

The way I read this.... your AA flight from <somewhere in Europe> to Miami was canceled. Unable to get another AA flight for several days, you purchased a ticket for 1306EUR on Iberia. In such case of a cancellation and you don't accept alternate options from AA and instead choose to get a refund, then AA absolutely owes you a refund and possibly compensation under the EU air traveler rights (Rule 206).

I'm misunderstanding your point, please clarify.

You need your full ticket number, which would be on your original receipt at time of purchase. Then go to: and request it. As it's been over 2 months, you may need to call them and sort it out further. Just make sure you have your ticket number. If you can't find it, then the date of flight and flight number will be needed to look up your issue. Good Luck.