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  1. J

    Renaming IAD Airport?

    I don't see the point...yet. Who knows, perhaps after his passing the possibility of naming the airport after Trump could work? Not now. That's almost as stupid as American Airlines naming its annual aircraft maintenance award after an active mechanic and company lackey like they do now. Makes...
  2. U

    AA Customer Relations Ran Out The Clock On Our Vouchers

    Nov 2019 a month before our trip AA partner airline, Avianca, cancelled our flight and AA booked us on new flights, the cost difference was $1250/person x 2 ppl. We were supposed to get an email voucher, but it didn’t show, We contacted AA several times in 2020 concerned that the voucher would...
  3. Matthew Liptak

    The blackhole that is American Airlines:

    The black whole that is American Airlines: Sadly, Saturday August 31 we go word that my wife Leah's Dad had died. We were not schocked, it had been a long illness, but the grief has been deep and real. We did research on what was required, preparing the needed paperwork as explained by Clark...
  4. B

    Change without fee due to coronavirus question

    So apparently American Airlines is offering a free rebooking for Any travel through the end of April. I am not traveling until April 4. I’d like to cancel this and book at another time without a change fee. I don’t want to make a decision on when to book again until we know what’s going on. It...
  5. D

    Booking American Airlines ticket for someone else

    Hopefully someone will know the answer... I have booked a ticket for someone else periodically using Advantage Miles. Like once every 18 months, so I don't remember exactly the procedure. Have been pulling hair out trying to do it again. Called AA a couple of times but here is where I am...
  6. Buck

    Boeing workers found cracking part on some 737NG jets Item 310
  7. Vlad Smitrovich

    San Diego-based F/As on AA191 (May 25, 1979)

    I'm working on a comprehensive, full-length narrative nonfiction book on what remains the deadliest U.S. airline accident, AA Flight 191 at Chicago O'Hare on May 25, 1979. This book will be the first of its kind in 40 years, to be published hopefully next year. Currently I'm looking for...
  8. C

    lawsuit against the TWU/ IAM Association

    Does anyone know if their was ever a lawsuit filed against the Association in regards to it's legitimacy? I was informed their was one but can't find any info.
  9. F

    American Airlines New Flight Attendant Questions

    Hi all - I am interested in applying for a position as an AA flight attendant. I was wondering if anyone could help answer some questions I had: About how many hours a month on reserve can you expect to fly in the beginning? About how long do they keep you on reserve? When it comes to where...
  10. S

    American Airlines Sad Show

    Airlines have you completely at their mercy and it sucks. AA totally screwed my husband which caused him to miss a fishing trip years in the making. Flight delayed and deplaned, he was going to miss his connection to Key West. While in the hour +line (me in the hour+ line on the phone at home )...
  11. M

    American Airlines stock hits yearly low; airline industry performance low

    American Airlines Group stock is going incredibly cheap as the shares touched a new yearly low of $38.26 on Wednesday. The company remains the world’s biggest airline but investors are turning negative due to its higher...
  12. C

    ZED Aerospace set to disrupt U.S. airlines with AURA

    Came across this new airline called AURA today. Looks really cool and the prices they have on their website are actually affordable, like NYC-Chicago for $380. Check out their site: From:
  13. M

    Lost my passport today in American Airlines flight 1556 to Washington Lost ID: 8672639

    Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport (3200 East Airfield Drive, Dallas, TX, United States) To Dulles International Airport (1 Saarinen Cir, Dulles, VA, United States) Departs at 7:10 AM on Tuesday, May 29 from Dallas (DFW) Arrives at 11:05 AM on Tuesday, May 29 in Washington (IAD) Please...
  14. B

    American Airlines Employee Theft

    Hello forum. Looking for advice on how to escalate a theft issue. I (stupidly) left my laptop on a flight from the Dominican to Miami. I went through customs and realized my gaffe. I went to customer service and they rang the gate. After looking the gate confirmed they found my laptop and would...
  15. S

    American Airlines - AVOID this company!

    Hi If you want to avoid losing money, don't take this company!! We lost 1306EUR due to a bad formation of the customer service and the airport's employee! Indeed, our flight to Lapaz Miami was cancelled, and AA proposed us a flight on Friday instead of Tuesday. So 3 days later... Everybody knows...
  16. W

    American Airlines Carry-On Question

    I am pretty new to flying, and I am wondering if American Airlines will allow carry on of a small back pack containing a 14 inch laptop with battery (Thinkpad T450s), laptop battery charger, and a DSLR camera.
  17. A

    Horrible Experience on American Airlines

    I have never had worse experience traveling then I most recently did with American Airlines. I was traveling from RDU to JFK. On Monday May 22nd headed to my destination my flight (AA 4641) was cancelled a few hours before on the day of, re-booked to a separate airport, and then delayed 4-5...
  18. J

    Alaska Reaches Deal with DOJ to acquire Virgin America

    Alaska gives up no assets--such as gates, routes, but must severely reduce codeshare with American by 50%...
  19. SUNDIN33

    Name is Inverted on Ticket

    I booked a flight with American Airlines using priceline, and i just noticed my name is inverted/reversed (last name is my first name, first name is my last name) on my ticket. Will this be a problem? They want to charge me $75 to change my tickets. Should i pay it or take my chances?