American Airlines kicks Families off Oversold Flights


Apr 12, 2024
My Family was removed from the American Airlines flight from SFO to Miami because American Airlines had oversold the flight. We were put on a red eye 12 hours later and told that they had over booked the plane and we were the first to be removed. Since I have three young kids, I refuse to fly red eye flights and was furious. The agent told me this is a common practice by American Airlines because it is easier to deal with one mad client that has 5 seats versus 5 separate clients. American Airlines refused to pay for any of the extra costs that I incurred by waiting in SFO for 12 hours and needless to say I missed a whole day of activities that I had planned at my final destination (Cartagena, Colombia). Everyone else that was flying to Cartagena made it on time, just my family was removed and no apology given. What is my recourse? How can an airline act in this matter? There also seems to be several families (according to the agent) that face this same treatment on oversold flights. As a side note, the American Airlines will not let you check in online for a flight to Colombia as the Customs requires an immigration document. AA requires a human to verify the document before check-in. My family was at the airport 3.5 hours before departure and still they refused to let us on the plane. AA is discriminating against families and this seems to happen often!!
AA is discriminating against families and this seems to happen often!!
Here we go with the victimhood BS.

I agree it sucks but you are in no way being discriminated against. As the agent already told you overbooking is a common practice. What you should be upset at is our government allowing such a nonsense practice by AIRLINES. Not just American Airlines but ALL airlines.
Did you maybe think about biting the Gate Agent? That might have worked.